Mary Bowman

she is AMAZING! i love sherry hair!


Sherry rocks -- she's got clients that come from all over the Bay Area to have her work her magic. She keeps my hair lookin' fresh AND she feeds my soul! Best stylist I've ever had.

Karen Meyer

For the first time in years, I have someone who does great color AND great cuts. I trust her professional judgment and it is always a joy to visit with Sherry, MeMe and Brigid while getting my hair done.


Sherry is one of the few truly professional women in the salon business. She's talented, resourceful, knowledgable and fun to be around. Her shop is clean and the people who work there (Brigid and MeMe) conduct themselves in a professional yet relaxed way. It's a delight to go there, and you feel and look like a million bucks when you walk out.

Jon Olson

Hi Sherry, Loved your website and your thoughts on hair cutting. May have to check you out when visiting my girlfriend Deirdre for my next hair cut.You come across very sincere. I dont trust just anyone with my hair. Thanks!


The proof is in the cut! I was home sick and didn't feel like putting in my contacts, so dried my hair blind. It still came out great! That is a testament to a great cut! - Andrea

peggy hunter

Sherry , so happy my sister introduced us. First you gave the best haircut ever, very hip on trend and easy to style! I ACED the interview, partly because I felt so good about myself, hair has a lot to do with that. Second you rescued me away to fix my color. OMG I love what you just did. My hair hasnt looked this good in years. It is so soft, and the color is rich, Curls and stays curled al day a...nd so shiny!!!

Hairsylist Extraordinare is not enough to say about you. Your positive outlook on life and your bubbly attitude makes it the RIGHT SPOT to go. I decided to only have postive people in my life this year, and you are one of the top of the list.

We all have choices to go where we want for our hair, and I am glad I made this choice, you have Merry merry merry Christmas! I still want to refer my friend so if you have an opening please let me know , she is a darling just like you!

Love Peggy

Cristina Johnson

Hi darlin' Sherry,

I love my haircut!!!!!!. But especially the way you styled the back.

In the classroom, I take my time writing on the board, so that my
students can get a good look. (ha, ha, ha)

Thanks a million, from an appreciative client to the virtuoso cutter.


Kathy P.

When I leave your shop, the kid in me is alive and well and laughing
all the way home. The amazing thing is how you radiate joy, even when you're
down. You send your clients out the door looking drop-dead gorgeous and
feeling good about themselves and the world. You have so many gifts, only
one of which is being a great hair stylist. I love you Sherry and I love
my new hair cut. Thanks. Hugs, kisses and lots of love, Kathy


Hi Sherry,
I have been walking two feet off the ground ever since I left the salon. First of all because my hiardo is the most gorgeous, sassy, amazing hairdo I've ever had since the last one. (I bought it three new tops). I don't know how you do it. We were yacking, and I was fidgeting, and we had nothing but distractions and then you put down the scissors, I shook my head and, ta da! the perfect cut. much love, Kathy

Cris Johnson

Hello Ms. Bennett:

This is a message from a grateful and satisfied customer.

Hi there, love, love, love my swoopy hairstyle. I'm constantly
checking my hair. I'm so vain. I think this haircut is made just
for me. Don't you, don't you.
(taken liberally from Carly Simon's "You're So Vain")

Sharing this e mail I got from a happy client....

Roxana M.

“Wish words could describe the magic that Sherry does with hair!! She is an incredibly keen listener and designs every cut exactly the way that I envision and describe... not only that, she has such an open, present, beautiful, light, and loving spirit, that she creates a space where you feel truly cared for and inspired.A most endearing story is of her passion in doing hair design ever since she was just a little girl... at the age of 7, she used to have the neighbors kids lining up on her front yard to get haircuts. Precious!! Clearly, she's a hairstyling genius, born with a gift, and trained by the world class... I have been coming to her for the past 4 years and she will most definitely have me as a client for life. Totally agree with the other posts as well about how the cut looks/feels just as great the next day/week as it does the day I got it. Anyone looking for the best cut ever, you will be in *great* hands. She has my absolute highest recommendation... rock ON Sherry Bennett.”

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